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Six Sigma, Business Intelligence and Data

Six Sigma is a management strategy developed by Motorola in 1986.  Basically, it’s a set of tools designed to analyze and improve business processes by removing defects.  DMAIC is one of the project methodologies used in Six Sigma to improve existing … Continue reading

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Data Shrinkage

The concept of shrinkage is considered when ordering raw materials to account for the loss of material during the manufacturing process.  Shrinkage is also used in accounting to represent the loss of finished product from the point of manufacture to final sale.  Data shrinkage is when data is lost in the process of … Continue reading

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Perspective on Data

Having the proper perspective is one of the more challenging aspects of data management.   One way to approach data is to consider it in terms of information.  Data is the raw material needed to make an informed decision.   In other words, information is … Continue reading

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‘Off the shelf’ Solution

A solution is a collection of business processes and data that allow the business to complete functions such as sell a product, process an insurance claim, or manage a payroll. Modeling the process and data required by the solution provides … Continue reading

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Cloud Based Software Solution

Cloud computing is the latest buzz in the IT world.  How is it different from your own IT that is services based?  One word, provider.  A large company’s  IT department organizes using Service Management, typically based on ITIL to better manage services.  Within … Continue reading

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