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Understanding a Business Application

A Business Application is the solution developed by an IT area to improve and accelerate the pace at which a business can perform it’s tasks.  Developing a business application covers many disciplines and incurs costs from a variety of services. … Continue reading

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Master Data Management – Data Velocity

Worldwide master data management (MDM) software revenue will reach $1.9 billion in 2012, a 21 percent increase from 2011, according to Gartner, Inc.  The market is forecast to reach $3.2 billion by 2015.  Research by Dell ‘Oro group is predicting … Continue reading

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Importance of Relevant Data

Most software solutions fall short of customer expectations due to one common problem: Not properly capturing the relevant business data.  Failure to capture the relevant data makes it difficult,  if not impossible for the business to measure results.  In my … Continue reading

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The Purple Trap

Data modeling is a methodology used to logically represent the data you store about your business and is an important early step in any Data Warehouse project. The quality and grain of the data identified in the data model is … Continue reading

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Anatomy of the Cloud

Your company is working on its IT budget and the CIO meets with the CFO to discuss additional costs for cloud computing.  The CIO is explaining the costs he’s added to the budget to take advantage of cloud computing. The CFO … Continue reading

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SOA and IT Services

It’s not unusual to find confusion between Service Oriented Architecture, SOA, and IT Services.  SOA is a methodology used to take advantage of re-use and ease of maintenance.   IT Services on the other hand is a broad term used to describe … Continue reading

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IT Service Catalog

Cloud Computing has added a new degree of complexity to managing IT by increasing the number of IT providers. A robust IT Service Catalog sets the stage for effective IT management in the new world of Cloud Computing.   The … Continue reading

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Configuration Names

Configuration Management is very important to running a large company’s IT organization.  Configuration management provides you with all the data needed to understand the impact a change to the IT systems will have.  The critical question to answer is what … Continue reading

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What makes a Business Application

Business Process Modeling, BPM, and Data Modeling, DM, are two disciplines key to designing a robust Business Application.    BPM outlines process, procedures and business logic used to run the business. DM organizes the data stored to manage and measure business … Continue reading

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Systems Thinking

Peter Senge talks about Systems Thinking in his book The Fifth Discipline. His point is that businesses tend to apply simplistic frameworks across complex systems (i.e. your business) and fail to see an organization as a dynamic process.    The basic idea … Continue reading

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